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mentioning the weather

Apparently it was the day after tomorrow1 [ed: shouldn't that be the day before tomorrow? yes, but the movie reference is already a stretch. --or does the film's disaster happen "tomorrow," in which case "the day after" should be deleted? fuck if I know, there's no way I'm watching it] in Seattle today. During the course of my yoga class, the weather went from overcast to heavy rain to hail to traces of sunlight. The class is in a big studio with floor to (tall) ceiling windows on two walls; so we had a great view of the climate changes, and the eventual retreat of the IMA soccer players when the hail started.

By the time I left, I looked at the sky and wished that I had a camera to capture the tremendous variation in the sky. Luckily, the internet does not disappoint. A couple of great pictures are posted in seattle [ed: and also here --having a fake editor is fun!].


(1) Isn't it nice that the major entertainment conglomerates have decided that we are once again ready to enjoy visual images of cities being destroyed?
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