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i am not a stuffed tiger.

smart & eclectic?

probably all over the internet by now, Homeless NYU student documents life on Livejournal, gets a dorm room [site, homeless_at_nyu]

Commenting on the student who lived for eight months in the library, this quote from the NYU spokesperson is entertaining, if only for the definition of NYU student intelligence and eccentricity:
"N.Y.U. doesn't attract just smart students, it attracts smart, eclectic students," said Mr. Beckman, the university spokesman. "We had a film student who wanted to film a couple performing a live sex act in front of a class. We had students who set up a swimming pool in their dorm room. Now we have this fellow."

I wonder how uncommon this is (the homelessness, not the live sex in class). By the end of the week, will every campus newspaper have a letter to the editor from the local library sleeper?


He's also a creative writing major. The article I read in the NYT cast doubt on the truthfulness of the story, at least on whether he had to live in the library, or was doing it for a reason other than necessity.
I agree -- it was interesting how the NYT article was ambigous about the story. If he was really worried about getting caught (and it seems like he would be worried if it was absolutely necessary), he wouldn't have started a website, kept a public livejournal, and given non-anonymous interviews to the media.

In his journal, he writes about saving money to buy engagement rings and for a trip to Ireland, which strike me as strange priorities for someone who is homeless out of absolute financial necessity.

he also writes about not being able to shower regularly. is there no IMA equivalent at NYU?


On homelessness

I knew a few people who were homeless who went to UW. There's a few at SCCC who are homeless as well. It's more common than anyone really thinks it is.