josh (joshc) wrote,

generic change

after reading Andy Dehnart's lament on the state of graphic design in Florida, specifically regarding the choice of state quarter, I decided to check out some other coins. Apparently Michigan's coin was released early this year.

Suitably generic, the design falls into one of the traps outlined by Slate in their 2002 "Why are they so ugly?" feature: state outlines. At least they chose the simplest design over options that would've been cluttered with the bridge, the auto industry, or both. I guess that the geography of Michigan is mildly interesting -- Great Lakes and the two peninsulas situation -- and they didn't use a new motto.

Looking at the other quarters, it seems like people are really excited about flight (both space and heavier than air) and Lincoln. Luckily, neither of those could be included on the Michigan coin. I wonder if one of them will end up on the Washington coin? Maybe the powers that be will decide to feature George Washington on the reverse, making a legal two-headed coin.

What's your favorite state quarter?
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