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generic change

after reading Andy Dehnart's lament on the state of graphic design in Florida, specifically regarding the choice of state quarter, I decided to check out some other coins. Apparently Michigan's coin was released early this year.

Suitably generic, the design falls into one of the traps outlined by Slate in their 2002 "Why are they so ugly?" feature: state outlines. At least they chose the simplest design over options that would've been cluttered with the bridge, the auto industry, or both. I guess that the geography of Michigan is mildly interesting -- Great Lakes and the two peninsulas situation -- and they didn't use a new motto.

Looking at the other quarters, it seems like people are really excited about flight (both space and heavier than air) and Lincoln. Luckily, neither of those could be included on the Michigan coin. I wonder if one of them will end up on the Washington coin? Maybe the powers that be will decide to feature George Washington on the reverse, making a legal two-headed coin.

What's your favorite state quarter?


i collect them, you know? i just got a michigan one from a friend who told me it looks like a penius. personally, i don't see the resemblance, but whatever. i like that they kept it simple, but annoyed that they put all the lakes, because it's so tiny in order to fit them all on. i'm also glad they went with great lakes state and not the wolverine state, which is so stupid. i sort of like the n.c. quater with the first airplane, it's quite nice. after looking at all of them, i really like them all in their own unique way. ct is nice with the big tree thing.
Connecticut's is really nice. So is Rhode Island's. My only problems with the N.C. coin are the very generic person, and that so many coins seem to be eager to celebrate flight (though NC's is more legit. who cares if the Wright Brothers were born in Ohio?).
Well, as far as I know there are only 2 states that are celebrating flight. I think Ohio will always be upset about the fact that the Wright Brothers created their plane in Ohio but took it to NC to fly it. But whatever. I never really noticed the generic person, but will look the next time I see it. I think the other items that we have to boast about here in NC would be hard to fit on a coin. AND, First in Flight is on our license plate, and Great Lakes State is on Michigan's license plate, so perhaps that's how it works? Who knows.
The Michigan coin looks like a big flake of cereal. Or dandruff..
well, it is the birthplace of corn flakes; so maybe it was a secret message.


E-mail me when you can. I'm not sure you got my other e-mail.

Also, you're right about the coin. It is much better than the one that was recommended.

Re: Coins

It's too bad they didn't get creative: a motown coin? soo locks? michael jackson's casino! michael moore!

they should've put madonna on the coin, just to piss her off.