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reflective buildings in geographies of uncertain sunlight

freakish unintentional matching: shoes, shirt, boxers are all blue with orange highlights

wasabi peas: the most addictive undiscussed snack food of our time


i am deterred from addiction by the finger-stickiness induced by wasabi peas.
where are you getting your wasabi peas? the kind that I'm eating (from rainbow grocery) are very dry.
at the airport-style convenience story in the HUB =[
interesting. does the wasabi flake off and become sticky? or is it sticky in its natural state? maybe I'll investigate the next time I'm at the HUB's "etc."
"story"?? jeez... i gotta look before i post.

anyway: the wasabi peas i've purchased on occasion at etc are covered in a thickish green powder (presumably wasabi) that seems to soak up the microscopic spittle byproducts of pea eating with alarming ease, slowly sticking to your fingers at first, but eventually impeding movement and, ultimately, resulting in death.