josh (joshc) wrote,

Cindy & Brad's wedding

Return to Michigan for Cindy & Brad's wedding. Planes crash into buildings on 9/11 so I'm temporarily held hostage in Kalamazoo. With this additional quality time I'm able to participate in a family visit to the Meijer Gardens. A few days later, the airports open and I get back to Seattle after the privilege of a "random bag dumping".

The wedding and reception were very nice. I wasn't even late to the ceremony. The bridesmaids speeches went well, despite Jenna's worries about her script. The were much more concise and well planned than Brad's friends' speeches. The only tiny flaw was the the DJ had some weird lights and wasn't quite able to use a microphone. Also he dressed in a chicken costume.

A funny thing that happened after the wedding was that a group of us stayed at the Radisson and had to run out for beer. Fred, Matt, and I tried to just go to a gas station, but there weren't any beer selling gas stations in the neighborhood. Instead we had to drive to a place was over by Western where they had a "student ghetto special". This student ghetto was actually much closer to being scary than the pretend student ghettos at MSU or UW. Matt & Fred wouldn't even leave the car, so I had to dodge the drug dealers alone. Anyway that was a fun adventure and we were all glad that we decided to drive instead of walking and getting ourselves killed. It's always fun to be able to say that driving with Fred was a safer alternative.

That's about it - sorry for the lack of detail.

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