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my so-called weekend

friday and saturday were intentionally lame.

after my usual friday of techfee (a quorumless meeting that included a special guest Dell rep) and the i.m.a., and utterly bizarre weather, I went home and was planning to go to a housewarming. Instead, I watched Raising Victor Vargas to pass the time and lost all motivation to leave the house. The movie was basically o.k., but I don't want to think about the message too much mostly because I think I might interpret it to be "a meaningful relationship can result from one of convenience."

On Saturday, I went to the barber, ran errands downtown, and picked up groceries. I had loose evening plans that fell through and motivated me to spend the whole night working on neglected projects (angiotensinogen haplotypes & reading about IL-6).

today brunch regulars convened at the Still Life in Fremont to find that it no longer existed. In its place, the 35th Street Bistro, which turned out to be unacceptable to some diners. While we looked for another place, Chris looked at the menu and flipped us off from across the street when she realized that she'd been abandoned. The Longshoreman's Daughter was too full for our compressed schedule; so we had d.i.y. brunch on the p.c.c. patio in the late morning sun.

later, more reading of scientific articles at the not-exactly-new Top Pot in not-exactly-Belltown. you probably already know that the decor is fantastic, much like the other cafes in the chain of Zeitgeist-related establishments.

I mixed it up by coming home to work more on the computer and then walking up to Volunteer Park to read on the hillside in the uncut grass and dandelions. you'll be happy to know that the reservoir, now filled with artificially blue-green water (think mini-golf), is under constant surveillance by guards.

all in all, I made a lot of progress in reading. when I couldn't read journal articles anymore, I switched to The Master & Margarita. I had almost finished when my mom called.

I left the park when the weather started to cool. I'd forgotten that TV on the Radio were doing a free in-store at Sonic Boom. Luckily, I passed the store on the way to pick up dinner ingredients and caught most of the show. I liked their music a lot, but not in a way that made me want to by their CD. Instead, I bought new albums from Bright Eyes, United State of Electronica, and Modest Mouse (I know, an overdue purchase).

o.k. I have ten pages left in M & M. I can't believe how bad I've gotten at reading novels.

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