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chair, apartment

now it's overheard

"I read a ton of magazines. I usually read them in about 20 to 30 minutes at the gym. But, Maxim takes me a few hours. It has so many great articles that are smart and funny. And it's all in eight point type." -- female loud talker at restaurant, overheard


A few things that entertain me about the gym: all of the people in their own headphone created worlds, all of the completely bizarre abdominal exercises that people do, finding out that the Red Wings are in the Stanley Cup playoffs.


I went to U-Village (people in this neighborhood should start calling it either "the village" or "the northeast village") to pick up new iPod headphones. Apparently, the NEV is a great place to take children. In the new section -- by the second Starbucks, the Apple Store, etc. -- they have the stupidest fountains ever. They're not even fountains. They are sections of a wall that spill water onto the sidewalk.


water fountains

I thought they were pervert urinals for a sec there.

Re: water fountains

at leat they'd serve a purpose under your momentary hypothesis. that is, a purpose other than being ugly and misplaced.

Re: water fountains

two words: urinal cakes
Just the other day I paid a visit to the Apple store...


I mean, whose idea was that? They serve no purpose. They are just...there.

they aren't even attractive. they look like a mistake. i hate them openly and without regret.
why should they not call it "U-Village"?
I don't know -- maybe they just shouldn't call it University Village? I think it needs a better name to hide the fact that it's a neigborhood defined by an outdoor mall with two Starbucks.

But, Maxim takes me a few hours.

- People actually buy Maxim for the articles?
- I fear how long it would take for that woman to read a novel.