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chair, apartment

summary judgements

All that I managed to accomplish this morning was laundry and making vegetarian chili (well, finishing what my mom started last week). During my productivity struggles I came to the sad realization that I'm increasingly dependent on caffeine to feel useful.

After lunch, I went to Victrola to read before going to campus for IMA yoga. The class has the feeling of mass hypnosis. But I suppose that a meditation element is to be expected. For now though, most of my effort is on trying to breathe properly and to do the positions correctly; so enlightenment is probably not on the near-term agenda. Not that I'm really sure if that's my goal. I think I like it though. The instructor is new-agey, but not distractingly.

I spent some time after class with a friendly neighborhood elliptical machine and met up with some Epi people at the GPSS social at the HUB. There was a good turnout and I ran into a few people that I knew. While I was talking to some non-Epi people, the group from my department departed for dinner at Chipotle. I finished my free beer and conversation and caught up with them on the Ave. Fast walker (or fast drinker, or both), I guess.

I don't really see why people love Chipotle (don't people?). It was O.K., vaguely like a Mexican Subway. The general consensus is that it isn't a bad addition to the Ave. After all, people can still get their greasy breakfast fix at the IHOP (Chipotle is located in the space formerly known as Denny's).

More reading and then home for 24. Surprisingly, the writers found a way for Kim to get into harm's way this season!


Why did Kim look like she was 35 there for a bit? Seriously. Referring to the scenes right before she became the librarian girl

at least it wasn't a mountain lion or a stalker

The miracle of modern entertainment technologies? I didn't notice (multitasking), but according to IMDB, Elisha Cuthbert is much younger than 35.

all hail the mexican subway

When Chipotle came to Atlanta, I had to listen to a 15-minute dissertation on "Why Chipotle is the Best Food Ever!!!!!!!!!!!" from one of my co-workers at the CDC. I don't think she breathed once during the entire thing, despite my general glassy-eyed look and attempts to interject my opinion, "Yes, I've eaten at one in DC, and it's all right, but nothing to write home about." After 15 minutes of only getting the word "yes" into the conversation (or should I say "conversation"), I finally just walked out of the lunch room while she was mid-sentence, and escaped to the haven of my window-less cubicle.

Re: all hail the mexican subway

I think that people who are fascinated with Chipotle have been seriously deprived. I don't see why people like it so much since it seems about the same as (if not inferior to) several other chains (qdoba, taco del mar).

Obviously, it's better than Taco Bell, which might be people's only other fast food mexican experience. But in most cities, you can get Mexican food from actual Mexican-Americans.

Re: all hail the mexican subway

I think one should avoid chain restaurants in general.

Re: all hail the mexican subway

I tend to agree; so I found this paragraph from Slate's "Food Writer in Los Angeles" journal surprising:
However, once you drop down a couple of notches, L.A. knocks London into a cocked hat. The restaurant I've been most impressed by so far is the Cheesecake Factory in Brentwood. I had a cobb salad there last week that was every bit as tasty as the cobb salad I had at the Ivy, yet it was brought to my table in half the time and it was a quarter of the price. In Britain—indeed, in France—there just aren't any midmarket restaurant chains to match the quality of the Cheesecake Factory. And there are dozens of similar chains in this country that are equally first-rate. When it comes to this kind of food—good, solid, dependable fare at reasonable prices—America leads the world. [slate

At least we can take pride in our national superiority in massive chain restaurants!

Re: all hail the mexican subway

especially chain restaurants that are ownded by McDonald's.

I never expected to learn something from the Daily.

Re: all hail the mexican subway

Atlanta is certainly a city where you can get Mexican food from real live Mexican-Americans, in fact just a mile or so from where we worked is a whole slew of Mexican/Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants. It's an international smorgasbord (although using that word, you might expect some Swedish food, but I think that's lacking up there).

I just think that McDonald's puts the same stuff in those Chipotle burritos as they do in their french fries -- cocaine, perhaps? Addiction is the only explanation to me.