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the only earth?

the universe speaks

o.k. so on the same day I find out that they're testing political ads my observing brain activity [nyt] and a Bush-Cheney '04 mesh hat is available [bc04] for the low price of $10.95.

On top of that. I listened to the "Ghosts of Elections Past" episode of This American Life last night. That episode features a story about Dan Savage wearing an Ellen Craswell hat at the 1996 King County Republican Convention.

Coincidence, I think not.


haha i recall listening to his sunday night radio show on KCMU back in the day.. he called up Ellen Craswell and spoke with her on the air.

On the political spectrum, Ellen Craswell is about as right as you can possibly get. There are policies she was rooting for which made me (a moderate, right leaning, capitalist) cringe.