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chair, apartment

two days

On Thursday I went to work at my office in the morning (having a guest somehow makes me feel like it is important to pretend to have a normal schedule of getting up at a reasonably early hour for work) and met my mom for lunch downtown at Todai before braving the traffic on a drive to Mount Vernon to look at Tulips. If you're interested in seeing us among tulips, you are certainly in luck:
among the tulips
[more pictures]

We got home in time for Pagliacci and must see television. It's fun to watch Donald Trump's combover on live television.


After a half-day at work, a quorumless techfee meeting, and a visit to the Apple Store to deal with frayed cords, mom & I went to IKEA & Lowe's so that she could buy me things. Despite my protests, this was her idea for entertainment. Later, we had dinner at Coastal Kitchen . The food was good and the decor was nice, but the ceiling was amazingly ugly.


I'm in to that windmill!
cool pictures
thanks! I think the windmill is there year round in celebration of the dutch heritage.
the flowers kind of look alien with so many of them in bloom all at once! they're still pretty though.
yeah. there is a certain freakiness to monocultures. kind of x-files.

I remember taking an ecology class and visiting a field of cloned trees. It was kind of neat, but also weird.