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i am not a stuffed tiger.


I returned from the Olympic Peninsula driving adventure yesterday and spent most of today catching up on work and going to meetings. After work, my mom cooked dinner and we went to B&O for dessert.

me taking a picture
[more pictures]
Of course, there are pictures from the trip and a backdated recitation of events.


Ahhh so now I know what you look like (your icons don't really give much indication).
Did your friends ever spot the sweatered kitties? I was back in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and they were out in full force again, despite the wonderful weather.
yeah. I don't usually use icons with my face, because it's weird to see myself looking back at me from my friends page. But I have a couple on the userpics page for purposes of appropriate disclosure.


I don't know if anyone's seen the supercats. I haven't been in that part of downtown in a while.
Historic Port Townsend. I recently transferred files to my new laptop and came across some pictures from our trip in '01. So much fun!
Were all of those pictures digital? Did I ever get copies? Maybe they're still on my old laptop...


Actually, I don't know that any of them were digital -- I just know that we made a couple of them digital. There's the one of you by the big huge tree, looking up. Maybe you scanned it? And then the doctored one of the two of us by the N'tl Park sign:)

Not sure where the rest of them are . . .