josh (joshc) wrote,

the long weekend

we woke up early enough to catch the 8:45 ferry to Bainbridge Island and started our drive around the peninsula, stopping for groceries & lunch in Sequim. I am fascinated by the lack of precipitation in Sequim. With such apparently good weather, it's surprising that the town is so otherwise unexciting.

The road to the Hoh Rainforest includes some really scenic driving. Particularly Lake Crescent, which is among the more beautiful stretches of highway I've encountered. We drove into the rainforest for a short hike that took us down to the river. The weather was amazingly nice, no rain in the forest, etc. We even saw wildlife -- a few elk!

We ended our day of driving at the Kalaloch Lodge on the Pacific Coast. Incidentally, I think that this is where Jenna and I stopped for our gas station starvation inspired meal of junk food on our trip. Instead of continuing on, mom and I stayed in one of the cute little cabins, had a quick picnic in the wind, and went to the lodge for dinner. There are no televisions or other entertainments in national parks; so we fell asleep fairly early.

After making breakfast, we checked out of the cabin and checked out a couple of the beaches. We saw some really cool tidepools with starfish, anemones, and barnacles. There was also a big tree, that wasn't particularly impressive. After all, I've driven though a living tree; so maybe my standards are too high.

At this point, we were basically retracing our path back to Seattle, but on the way back we stopped at Sol Duc Resort, another part of the national park. The resort is known for its hot springs. While I was expecting that we'd need to hike into the mountains/forest/whatever to sit in rock pools of hot water, it was actually just regular pools fed by a hot spring. Less exotic, but less effort too. Again, we stayed in a little cabin, this time it was basically a stand-alone hotel room. We hiked to look at a waterfall, spent some time in the pools (which smelled unpleasantly sulfury), and again found ourselves with little to do at night except read and sleep.

We started back to Seattle fairly early, taking a walk in the woods to look at a river hoping to see fish and stopping in Port Townshend to enjoy it's Victorian charm.

We made it back to seattle in time for my first yoga class at the IMA, and had dinner at Cedars and picked up groceries at Madison Market.

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