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chair, apartment

sentence vs. letter

I watched the nonstop Condolezza Rice coverage, went to the IMA, read articles under the blossoming trees along Rainier Vista, attended a lovely sham wedding (complete with hawaiian vows) at the Timberline until Jeff needed to go home, and went home to see the predictably depressing end to tonight's e.r. episode and fantastic commentary by the Daily Show.


Fun times at the wedding

That wedding was way too much fun, I wish real weddings could be as off the cuff and thus more enjoyable as the Jenniges - Savage wedding. I should get a hold of their event planner :)

Re: Fun times at the wedding

The unfortunate thing about most other weddings is that there is usually some degree of sincerity there. The worst ceremony that I've attended included the phrases "bear fruit" and "put the rubber to the road." Not laughing loudly was painful.