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Slate examines the phenomenon that is Courtney Love, rock star and celebrity:
But these days, it seems, we want our rock stars to perform the role of rock star, not actually be one—and when they do behave badly, we want them to apologize for it. We're comfortable with the scripted, controlled behavior of, say, Britney and Madonna's staged kiss, but much less so with Love's outsized, erratic behavior. ...
Where once this kind of authenticity was crucial to rock—and female rock stars understood that the muddy boundary between art and life could lend them a mysterious allure—it's now clear that if you reveal too much, you've become disappointingly unprofessional. [slate]

Arguments in the first half of the article, concerned with Courtney Love's music, are supported with audio clips (in windows media format, of course). This is the type of article that Slate does particularly well. It's neat to read comments like "Love's scream is a breed apart" and then to hear the scream. etc.
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