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gentlemen -

we hope that this query isn't too personal for this personal weblog, but do you typically buy underwear labeled with the same waist circumference as your pants? recent shopping adventures lead me to suspect discrepancies in boxer sizing, but it is likely that I'm just crazy.


[ josh ]


rule of thumb

tightey whitees: always get 1" wider than pants width
boxers: whatever your swimming trunk size is (if it's in the whole S-XL sizing)

it's true, boxer sizing is not consistent. I've found that Gap/Banana Republic cotton boxers run small.

Re: rule of thumb

congratulations -- you win the prize. it was the Gap/Banana Republic that started this confusion cascade. I think that sometime in the past few years their sizing changed.

I have a 31 - 33" waist (depending on pants and/or dinner), and I buy M sized boxers.
thanks for participating in the great 2004 undergarment survey!
yep I always get M sized. again though, some of mine are tighter than others
but those are boxer briefs...ive never done the boxers thing so what do i know
thanks for your feedback. aside from is the question of the technical meaning of size M, there is also the mystery (to me) is the level of elasticity used for the sizing.
m equals medium, silly
non scientific, yes
right. I just meant that sometimes it's 31-33, 32-34, 32, etc.