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open letter

dear passover,

you lead me to give serious consideration to drinking manischewitz concord grape wine as a year-round personal style choice. upon further consideration, I realize that four glasses a year is probably more than enough.


[ j ]


Post-It Note

Don't forget the lamb's blood on the front door or else your first born is toast.

it is at midnight / z.p.g.

d'oh! you're reminder came five minutes too late.

regarding lamb's blood, I was more than a little traumatized by the new Modest Mouse "float on" video.
you could always switch to mogen david ;)
all kosher wines all the time = awesome & affordable!
I think you missed this era, but the Trowel House boys (aka Joe, Mike, Mathew, Travis, Ben) drank Manischewitz regularly, all year round. At parties or, you know, just hanging out.
I have a vague memory of seeing one of them drinking it at the first End of the World party, but I might have assumed it was a prop rather than a lifestyle choice.
It's more of a way of life