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March Madness drives me nuts.


I just turned on CBS and was excited to see MSU on the little score box. This led me to think, "cool - I didn't expect Michigan State to be covered on the west coast." The only part of my mistake that wasn't stupid was the court featuring the Big[11]Ten logo.
Looking more closely, I noticed that the other team was Georgia and not NC-State.
My delusions were completely crushed when I realized that uniforms were wrong. Who knew there was Murray State?

This whole episode lasted about one minute, but it was awfully disappointing. Now I'm almost afraid to see what the real score was. Poor Tom Izzo.



Hey - I watched the NC State game vs Michigan Sate and you should be happy that you missed it. It aired at noon my time, 8a.m. your time. Tom Izzo was not a happy man. I guess, the way I look at it, if they had to lose so early, I guess I'm happy (?) they lost to NC State. Maybe basketball titles has to do with my physical location - when I was in Michigan, MSU won, and now I'm here, and NC State won!! Ha ha

I also turned on the TV and saw MSU on the score box and was very, very confused as I had already watched the MSU game! But I soon discovered it was not our beloved Spartans. I didn't have the patience to see who it actually was though.

69-58 final score. YOu know the Spartans were leading the Wolfpack by 12 going into the 2nd half, right? It was disgusting. Like I said, be glad you didn't see it.

Re: MSU or Jenna is the center of the universe


I can't claim to care a whole lot, I didn't see any games this year. I saw the tournament schedule and knew the game was on Friday, but I ignored the time since I was pretty sure it wouldn't be shown out here. Thus, MSU appearing on the screen seemed to be an excellent coincidence.

I did look-up the summary on ESPN. Very heartbreaking indeed.