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the only earth?


ladies & gentlemen,

Really, isn't this just a little too creepy?
small picture of a-rod quarter
A-Rod Quarter


a concerned citizen


and this isn't a belated april fool's joke?
oh. it's much worse than that. Seeing it on the web doesn't really do the awfulness justice. The television commercial repeatedly shows an animated sequence of the face of A-Rod being superimposed over the face of George Washington.

An extra great detail: order now and get a Derek Jeter quarter for free!
How is it full color? I'm so confused.

Clearly, you should order one.
it's the power of airbrushing! they paint a picture of the baseball player over the picture of a george washington! and paint his name over "united states of america!"

you should really look at the website to see the coin in all of its enlarged glory.