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dear josh,

if you start drinking beer at 4:30 in the afternoon, you will probably be ready to quit by 11 pm. for future reference, this makes for a lameish ending to your friday night, but what are you going to do?

sleepily yours,

[ j ]


hope you passed out to the tonight show
i love doing that (assuming you were home and near bed at noted time)
I'm much more for falling asleep to real audio streams of National Public Radio. A few stories into All Things Considered and I'm sure to be sound asleep. Remarkably, the subject matter doesn't seem to be relevant -- pieces about people being blown up half a world away and still I can sleep without incident.

As for late night television, I'm a David Letterman guy. He's something of a national treasure and I can't bring myself to watch Jay Leno for more than a few seconds.
I like your new livejournal format.
Thanks. I fear it will soon grow tiresome.