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I think that going to the IMA is becoming my excuse to go to various juice bars. Tonight I went to Gravity Bar, where, in addition to a great liquid concoction (pear, lime, spirulina), I had the Best Salad Ever Tasted. In addition to leafy greens, it had coconut, avocado, feta, sprouts, oranges, and flax dressing.

Other than that bit of mild excitement, it was a fairly normal Tuesday.


man... i'm glad to hear someone had a good experience at the gravity bar. several of my friends used to work there and it seemed to be in a bad slump for a while... which was sad because i really like the "philosophy" (or whatever) behind the food.

i also like the trays of wheat grass behind the counter.
A slump like poisonous foods, or slow business?

I've been there a few times without any trouble. the salad was definitely the most exceptional item though.

I also like the wheatgrass. It's neat that they cut it before making the shots.