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i am not a stuffed tiger.

best show ever?

My So-Called Life is going to be re-run on Noggin starting on April 2. This is great news for people like me who haven't been willing to pay the $74 for the DVDs.

Sarah Bunting, one of the founders of the fantastic Television Without Pity writes about the sweet perfection of the show's limited run for MSNBC:
All of the storylines live in limbo now, their outcomes forever uncertain, but in its own way, that’s perfect.  If you want to believe Graham and Amber, Rayanne’s mom, would have hooked up and then adopted Rickie, hey, nobody can prove you wrong.[msnbc]

Fate conspires against my thoughts of canceling cable.


i have the my so-called life dvd set! i got it from joe for my birthday last year. you could come over and watch it with me because i never got past the first disc and i always forget i have it.
ooh. m.s.c.l. parties. I like the sound of this.
wow im not the only one who knows about this. yay. but its actually on the-n, noggin it is called from 6am - 6pm eastern as the station for little children, the-n is for teenagers. i love me some canadian tv. ;-)
It's Canadian? Intersting.

I didn't even know that this channel existed; so it was good to find that it was included in my overpriced cable package.