josh (joshc) wrote,

qualified responses

Even though their stage antics dragged at times (causing the set to be about an hour and a half), I liked the Unicorns show. They started with an animatronic Santa that was hacked to say bad things and ended with a staged fight, told stories in between songs, railed against Nestle, and, after some deliberation, dealt with a heckler/annoying guy ("just because it's an all ages show doesn't mean you're allowed to act like a four-year-old").

I was entertained, though I would've preferred to be less crowded. It should also be noted that weeknight crowds are much more interesting. Or at least Monday night Unicorns crowds. From a hipster anthropology perspective.

Contrary to the notice posted on the front door, camera crews from the Travel Channel were not present at the Crocodile Cafe.
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