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chair, apartment

nana was on that yacht! you killed nana!

happy monday. I guess it's the first day of the quarter, but I'm not taking any classes; so it's rather anticlimactic. In other news, it's summerlike in Seattle and I've taken to drinking espresso beverages in the morning. I didn't think it would come to this.

Being at the office led to useful meetings, printing and highlighting, and looking up articles to continue the process of independent learning. I came home to read a couple of them, watched last night's episode of the Soparnos, and am generally killing time until it's time to go to the Crocodile to see the Unicorns.



that was a great episode, wasn't it?
the misplaced nipple made me cringe.

the unicorns. lucky you.


it seems like every episode has at least one moment that just kills me. it's just such a well structured show.
post some pictures if you took any at the show!

I wish that I'd thought to bring my camera. They had an animatronic Santa onstage for the beginning of the show.