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i am not a stuffed tiger.

avoidance drills

o.k., Meowmory has officially wasted too much of my day. I'm horrible at it, but I'm blaming it on my not being a "cat person." Those kitties all look the same to me.

I found that I got better at it when I started giving the cats names. I would like to conduct an impromptu study -- are people who have cats better at this game than others?


My times: 53.8, 51.5 48.8
Lowest flips: 48, 46, 46

I have two cats, but I don't think that helped much. Giving them names like "smiley" and "freak kitty" did.

the two fat ones threw me off every time

is "freak" the one that looks like a ferret or a fruit bat?

Re: the two fat ones threw me off every time

"freak" was one of the fat smashed faced ones that threw me off every time. I called the ferret one "bottle" because he looked like he was bottle feeding.