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chair, apartment

marketing wizards

I spent the afternoon working -- I think that I figured out my problem from yesterday. When I took a break to go to walgreen's, I discovered the Oral B Hummingbird, which was just so ridiculous that I had to buy it in place of Stim-u-dents. It was definitely not worth the (relatively inexpensive)

Later, I went to the IMA. It's very nice. I've been meaning to go forever; so this was my huge achievement of the day.

Getting my reality television fix (you're fired!), I wondered: can someone please discuss Old Navy's use of "on the down low" to describe their prices?


I need to try these Stimudents...


"on the down low" -- I'm sure you saw Last Days this week:

As an inhabitant of the post-Elvis/Stones/Zep/Blondie/Madonna/Eminem/White Stripes era, Last Days has long presumed ourselves incapable of ever being shocked anew by the appropriation of African-American culture by melanin-deprived others. But today our presumption exploded in response to a new commercial for Old Navy, wherein the thrifty trend-merchant attempts to tempt bargain hunters with "prices on the down-low!", forging a mind-bending connection between inexpensive casual wear and the social substratum of African-American men-who-have-sex-with-men-without-thinking-of-themselves-as-gay, whose furtive activities are suspected as a key component in the spread of HIV within predominately African-American communities. Was this connection intentional? For an answer, Last Days contacted a representative from Old Navy's corporate offices in San Francisco. As of press time, our calls remain unanswered. Stay tuned.

StimuDents are a critical part of the Seven Steps to Healthy Teeth and Gums ™ -- they will probably make your gums bleed the first time you use them! That's how awesome they are!


I hadn't read Last Days yet. Thanks for the reminder. I'm so glad to know that someone else has taken notice of that bit of strange advertising.