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chair, apartment

marketing wizards

I spent the afternoon working -- I think that I figured out my problem from yesterday. When I took a break to go to walgreen's, I discovered the Oral B Hummingbird, which was just so ridiculous that I had to buy it in place of Stim-u-dents. It was definitely not worth the (relatively inexpensive)

Later, I went to the IMA. It's very nice. I've been meaning to go forever; so this was my huge achievement of the day.

Getting my reality television fix (you're fired!), I wondered: can someone please discuss Old Navy's use of "on the down low" to describe their prices?


I need to try these Stimudents...


"on the down low" -- I'm sure you saw Last Days this week:

As an inhabitant of the post-Elvis/Stones/Zep/Blondie/Madonna/Eminem/White Stripes era, Last Days has long presumed ourselves incapable of ever being shocked anew by the appropriation of African-American culture by melanin-deprived others. But today our presumption exploded in response to a new commercial for Old Navy, wherein the thrifty trend-merchant attempts to tempt bargain hunters with "prices on the down-low!", forging a mind-bending connection between inexpensive casual wear and the social substratum of African-American men-who-have-sex-with-men-without-thinking-of-themselves-as-gay, whose furtive activities are suspected as a key component in the spread of HIV within predominately African-American communities. Was this connection intentional? For an answer, Last Days contacted a representative from Old Navy's corporate offices in San Francisco. As of press time, our calls remain unanswered. Stay tuned.

StimuDents are a critical part of the Seven Steps to Healthy Teeth and Gums ™ -- they will probably make your gums bleed the first time you use them! That's how awesome they are!


I hadn't read Last Days yet. Thanks for the reminder. I'm so glad to know that someone else has taken notice of that bit of strange advertising.
The Hummingbird looks like something that would be sold at Toys in Babeland!

i thought that too.

thank god it isn't powerful enough to be sold there -- otherwise it would probably really induce very bloody gums.