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this feels recycled

that is, this week has been fairly standard with an emphasis on addressing work-related projects. the morning sunlight and the wait for daylight saving time have helped, as have morning stops at vivace on the walk to my office.

This afternoon I went to campus to make a copy of a David Foster Wallace essay using a horrible & expensive photocopier (thanks to evan you can read it online) and read it at Solstice. Outside, rain and sun coexisted simultaneously. Later, waiting for the bus in this environment, I tried to solve a parameterization problem from an analysis that I'm working on by walking in circles. This was more awkward than I'd expected and didn't really help.

On the ride home, the bus made horrible noises and the sunbreak turned into a (welcome) downpour. I picked up dinner, bought batteries (but not Cadbury creme eggs), and got a new Stranger with a re-run cover.

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