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beach, outside


From the John Barth essay, "Postmodernism Revisited"
The Australian art critic Robert Hughes dates Postmodernism, at least in its Pop Art manifestation, from that moment in Walt Disney's 1940 movie Fantasia when Mickey Mouse mounts the conductor's podium and shakes hands with Leopold Stokowski. I like that. (Review of Contemporary Fiction: vol. 8, no. 3)

... and tonight on a Very Self-Referential Episode of the O.C., Paris Hilton guest stars as a Pynchon-loving graduate student. My favorite Paris Hilton inspired motto for parties: "Don't tell anyone I'm in grad school!"


all i gotta say is..

Luke is so dead.

Re: all i gotta say is..

yeah. it looks like this week will be a Very Special Episode.
paris totally stole my line! i wouldn't have been able to trick shannon into going on a date with me otherwise.
yeah. I really need to establish my fake agent career.