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the only earth?

red states everywhere

If you haven't already seen them, I think that these maps of campaign contributions from fundrace are remarkable. --> U.S. Money Map.

They mention using donations as a proxy for votes, which is probably flawed since I'm guessing that wealthier people donate more and to republicans. At least I hope it's flawed.


At least Southwest Colorado is slightly blue. Whew.

I have a similar map from the 2000 election (it was in the New York Times, I think) that shows shading of actual votes for Bush vs. Gore. It looks about the same as this actually -- dark blue in the major cities, red over most of the rest of the U.S. Population density is the missing variable that makes it look uneven!

Hmm, it's weird both maps used the same colors. Perhaps blue is the official color of Democrats, and red for Republicans? I'm going to have to change my wardrobe.
I think you're right about the population density. I guess it illustrates why we still have the electoral college.

I think that red & blue have become conventional for republicans & democrats. I don't know how it happened. I'm pretty sure that it only applies to maps; so you're safe with your current wardrobe.
that's depressing.
That's about as flawed as using stock price to determine the true health of a company.
interesting analogy. it makes my brain hurt to fully evaluate it.