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justice is blind

The scene on last night's Arrested Development with the blind golden retriever jumping into the garbage can was one of the funniest things I've seen on television in a long time.

If you aren't watching this show, you really should.


I watched the first two episodes and couldn't connect. Would you say it's found its footing by now?
I started watching in the middle and then downloaded some old episodes to catch up (I didn't see ep. 1); so I don't have a very linear impression of how the show has changed. I don't think that it really expects you to care about the characters too much. Most of them aren't likable at all, but I do think that the show grows on you if you keep watching it.

That is definitely my favorite new show on TV and one of the very few things I make it a point to watch. It's all just so ridiculous and I always laugh throughout the entire show. I was going to mention some of my favorite things, but the list is really too long. Buster kills me every time though.
Oh man, I missed it last night. That show rules!
I've heard rumors of an Arrested Devlopment marathon. But I'm worried that it might have already happened.


One of the best damn shows on television. I always have conflicts with Alias though, because a lot of times I'm not home.

But I watch it when I can!! And you're right - last night's was so funny. I thought I was going to pass out when the Vet. said that the dog was blind.

Re: yep:)

I usually download it off the internet due to Alias conflicts, though I might be ready to give up on Alias too.

If I had a Nielsen Box, I'd feel bad about the dowloading. Maybe I should get a VCR, but I don't know how it would interact with the digital cable.

Re: yep:)

How/where do you download shows from?

I can't believe you're going to give up on Alias! It's not nearly as bad as West Wing. I just watched Sunday's show last night, and it was super good.

I have digital cable, and when Scott (the so-called expert) set it up for me, he was like "you're not going to be able to tape shows that you aren't watching" and got me all freaked out. Then he thought that the digital cable box would have to be on the channel I wanted if I wasn't home. That would be a pain, first of all because I would have to make sure I set it before I left, and also on the nights I tape more than one channel but am not home, that's another battle.

Luckily, it works all the time. I can watch Arrested Development and tape Alias, I can go to The Saucer and it tapes my soap on CBS, American Idol on Fox, West Wing on NBC, and The Newlyweds on MTV. So it works just fine.

So, if you're guilt really gets the best of you, I'm telling you that a VCR works just fine with digital cable. You just have to turn the box off, and it's fine. Or, even when I have the box on it works. I don't know how, but it does.

Re: yep:)

I download using bittorrent and sites like suprnova.org. It's almost as good as TiVO! or so I like to tell myself, ignoring the delay of downloading entire shows.

I'm not really giving up on Alias, but I was thinking that I really like Arrested Devlopment and the Sopranos much better. Thanks to bittorrent and on demand cable I don't really need to choose, but if forced to make a choice, Alias would probably get cut.

It's good to hear that the VCR works. I assumed the same thing about the digital cable box -- having it on the same channel as the recording, etc. -- which made buying a new VCR less urgent. My only other reason for wanting one would be to watch the last episodes of Twin Peaks since I never finished watching them with Tim.

Re: yep:)

Last night my National Boards coach came over and brought her VCR so we could record my segment. (The video has to only be 15 minutes, unedited.) This meant I took apart my entire cable set up. What I found was that the cable from the wall went directly to the VCR, then from the VCR to the cable box, then to the TV from there. This allows the VCR not to interact with the digital cable. Therefore, I can tape shows while watching others, or while not at home.

The only drawback is that you can't tape anything on a channel higher than what your VCR goes to.
i don't think i've seen it for a few weeks.. last episode i remember is when the son and the dad were both pursuing the teacher.

bittorrent here i come!


exactly! that's my preferred method of watching too. I am a Sunday night television junkie without a VCR.

the only problem is that apparently Arrested Development isn't popular enough to have super fast downloads; so you need to try to get it earlier rather than later. (I think).