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i am not a stuffed tiger.


while drinking two shots of espresso mixed with milk and caramel is an effective way to maintain alertness during a midnight movie, it isn't the best recipe for a good night's sleep. this is particularly problematic when one does not have heavy curtains and is sensitive to light cues for awakening. let us just note that I am ready for the onset of daylight saving time.


after brunch at Caffe Minnie's, Chris and I went shopping on 1st Avenue where I mostly spent time resisting impulses to drive myself into credit card debt. I made it through the afternoon with only one t-shirt.


the building next to the Seattle Art Museum is being torn apart from the inside with three giant orange cranes that spray water on the shell of the building before pulling pieces of walls down and into the center. Waiting at one store provided an excellent vantage point to occasionally check in on the destruction. Apparently building destruction is a huge tourist draw, as several clusters of people had gathered across the street and on the benches with cameras and children to take in the spectacle.


i remember when they imploded the king dome... i was having breakfast at the globe and like 700 seattle tech-hippies pulled up on their bikes. they all had tiny, tiny dv cameras and were endlessly fascinated at watching their footage of the implosion in reverse.

too bad they had to sell those cameras just to pay rent a year later. mwahahahahahah!

it's too bad that no one made a videotape of the videotaping.