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last night I had a dream in which my barber operated from a small boat and when I went there to get a haircut the owner of the boat/shop had taken the boat on a trip to tahiti. hilarity/chaos ensued as I wasn't able to make use of my phone to arrange a haircut.

taking this as a sign, I visited my real barber today in real life and found that the place was still where it was expected to be.


At this point I think that every team that I have a legitimate connection to in the NCAA tournament has lost.

I watched part of the UW game at Garage, after a dinner type happy hour with Carole & her co-workers. Jeff picked us up halfway through the first half, when UW was down by ten and we went to the Roanoke to meet Sarah and Mark and drink Belgian white beer with slices of oranges. We stayed long enough to watch the Huskies catch up and fall behind before leaving to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. When tickets for our preferred showing were sold out, we went to Von's for the oh-so-close final 1.3 seconds and for horrible $3 martinis.


I liked Eternal Sunshine a whole lot, but I really don't have anything profound to write about it. I will mention that Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet were really fantastic together. The fragmented time scheme was incredibly effective, and less confusing, and the ending more explicit than I expected. The whole visual language used for the erasing of memories was not at all overplayed and was reserved enough so that the really big "effects" and surreal scenes worked very nicely against the otherwise bleak scenery. This setup allowed many lovely moments that I found genuinely moving and often exceptionally heartbreaking. As some of these scenes strung themselves together (in reverse), I felt like going home for a figurative good cry might be kind of welcome. I don't really feel that way now, but I'm still thinking about it. This attempt at writing about the movie is falling apart and I'm tired so I think I'll go to sleep now.

For a number of good, almost certainly more coherent reviews, there is metacritic.


Oh. Al, Malinda, Geoff, and Rachel were at the theater seeing the movie too, which was a neat surprise. I think that in the short time that we talked we were able to get the brunch situation back on track.

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