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sad day for students

When I arrived at Key Arena, the plaza was teeming with people talking into cell phones and walking around. Some held signs indicating the number of needed tickets, others stood off to the side trying to quietly sell their tickets for illegal amounts of money. The sunbreak had passed by this time and the air was unexpectedly cold.

Soon, I met Rachel, whose dad had already bought one ticket and was trying to find two more at a good price by hanging out near the will call area. We stood in the cold for a while, talking to ticket sellers who wanted at least $100 for a ticket; some tried to convince us to pay $300 each to sit in a suite with "unlimited" snacks. Eventually we gave up to go to a bar. What I didn't realize is that most bars were only carrying the network game, which wasn't MSU. As we started to give up on the bars in the vicinity of Seattle Center, Rachel's dad called with a lead on tickets that didn't pan out. We insisted that he go into the game while we went to watch any game on television.

As we were walking down the concrete steps toward the Center House, we barely heard a guy say "face" to us. We turned around and told him that we didn't have any tickets to sell, but he was actually selling his tickets at face value. It was really weird how he was standing far from the Arena and barely making an effort. With the sun behind him, it was even hard to read his facial expressions. He just said something about already being late for dinner and decided not to try to make any extra money off the tickets. I have a feeling that he was stood up for a date or something since he was sort of gazing off into the distance, away from the people trying to buy and resell tickets. So, with this surprise bargain, we got into the game having missed the first quarter, and though the seats were in the upper deck, they were at center court and near Rachel's dad.

For being that far up, we had a surprisingly good view of MSU throwing away its lead in the last minutes of the second half. I have no idea what actually happened. I went from calmly watching them maintain their lead to being shocked as it melted away and turned into a loss. It was very very sad, and on top of that, the vast majority of the crowd was cheering for Nevada.

The Gonzaga game was entertaining, but was a blowout. Both Gonzaga and Valparasio have low quality mascots. And I think that the "Crusaders" is probably one of the more offensive mascots for a school to have.

Anyway. It was really cool to be at the NCAA tournament, but it was hugely disappointing and really unexpected to see MSU lose in the first round. I was already thinking about how to get tickets for Saturday, but now I think I'll save the money and watch on television.

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