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old time religion

I woke up to the sound of my vibrating phone and quickly got ready to hear Howard Dean's announcement about his new Democracy for America mission. As I walked in the door to the Westin conference room, I was immediately recruited to go to the drugstore to buy a DV tape so that the event could be webcast. I think it's funny that they probably spent twenty minutes waiting to find someone to run this errand that only took five minutes, but I was happy to help.

Later, waiting for Dean to appear, Joe & Chris & I tried to spot regulars in the Dean Chorus. It is nice that they recruit someone with a hard hat to appear onstage to represent the working man among the regular repeat members. Some of them are directly involved with the campaign, but I think that others are loosely associated, but are sort of groupies or are selected for purposes of representativeness. Maybe both.

His speech hit many of the anti-Bush notes from the campaign and finished with some new points about transitioning the presidential campaign into a sustainable grassroots organization.

Like many rock shows, the Dean campaign has created a market for entrepreneurs. The guy from Ohio who started by selling Dean Decks (playing cards) out of a backpack has now expanded his small business to a table selling t-shirts. Dean is the Ace of Spades (the death card, right? which seems kind of like a bad, but possibly appropriate choice) and Bush is the Joker. I wonder how much money that guy makes from sales.


I spent the rest of the day at the office, but I think that I'll meet Rachel & her dad at Key Arena for last minute NCAA Tourney plans. I was seriously considering the FOX Sports Grill, but I think that is probably a scary option.


For some reason, the image of the guy with the hard hat standing behind Dean made me think that perhaps he should recruit the Village People to be his groupies. Just think, in addition to the construction worker, he'd have support from police and soldiers, as well as Native Americans!
careful -- you might need to quit your job at the cafe when Dean reads this and recruits you as his next advisor!
My first piece of advice to him would be to fire whoever thought it was a good idea to hire me.