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I woke up to the sound of my vibrating phone and quickly got ready to hear Howard Dean's announcement about his new Democracy for America mission. As I walked in the door to the Westin conference room, I was immediately recruited to go to the drugstore to buy a DV tape so that the event could be webcast. I think it's funny that they probably spent twenty minutes waiting to find someone to run this errand that only took five minutes, but I was happy to help.

Later, waiting for Dean to appear, Joe & Chris & I tried to spot regulars in the Dean Chorus. It is nice that they recruit someone with a hard hat to appear onstage to represent the working man among the regular repeat members. Some of them are directly involved with the campaign, but I think that others are loosely associated, but are sort of groupies or are selected for purposes of representativeness. Maybe both.

His speech hit many of the anti-Bush notes from the campaign and finished with some new points about transitioning the presidential campaign into a sustainable grassroots organization.

Like many rock shows, the Dean campaign has created a market for entrepreneurs. The guy from Ohio who started by selling Dean Decks (playing cards) out of a backpack has now expanded his small business to a table selling t-shirts. Dean is the Ace of Spades (the death card, right? which seems kind of like a bad, but possibly appropriate choice) and Bush is the Joker. I wonder how much money that guy makes from sales.


I spent the rest of the day at the office, but I think that I'll meet Rachel & her dad at Key Arena for last minute NCAA Tourney plans. I was seriously considering the FOX Sports Grill, but I think that is probably a scary option.

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