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wednesday afternoon

I made a last minute decision not to go into the office when I remembered that it would feature both a baby shower and a potluck of green foods. I don't know the "bah, humbug" of the spring season, but that was my general feeling; so I stayed at home and tried go get lunch at Vegete only to find that they'd closed retail operations in deference to their wholesale needs.

I made some real progress in the reduction of the stack of papers to read, both academic and not. Of note, the recent issue of the Believer is good. There is a nice article exploring the phenomenon of "So Bad It's Good" and how it differs from Camp, as described by Susan Sontag.

By late afternoon, I was ready for a break. I departed for Seattle Center to watch MSU's practice at Key Arena. It was about as exciting as you might imagine a basketball practice to be, but was still kind of neat even though I was sitting behind a row of spazzy kids. I got the sense that the majority of people in the arena were there to watch Gonzaga, who had the next scheduled practice, but there were a few people with MSU apparel.

This difference highlights an important difference between sporting events and rock shows. No one wants to be "that guy" who wears a band's t-shirt to a performance, but it's almost mandatory for sporting events. Go figure.

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