josh (joshc) wrote,

the district

links from popular weblogs that have entertained me this morning:

Porn for Pandas Necessary for Species' Survival
"I do not know which of them will be lucky enough to mate our princess. It's all up to Hua Mei to find her own 'Mr. Right'," Wei Rongping, assistant director of the research center, told Xinhua. [adult video news via BoingBoing]
Those of us who visited the (horrible) National Zoo in the days of Hsing Hsing only to read about panda artificial insemination techniques might have guessed that new panda aphrodesiac technology was in high demand.

Vote for America's funniest Senators
In which Senators respond to a fictional ten-year-old aspiring stand up comedian with their favorite jokes. This, from Rick Santorum, who probably hasn't seen Dan Savage's Santorum website: "Although a favorite joke doesn't immediately come to mind, I do enjoy laughing." [zug "senator prank" via Wonkette]
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