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drinking in the dark

red cedar

Not that I was ever a huge MSU basketball fan, but I feel really stupid for not noticing that they'll be playing in Seattle for the first round of the NCAA tournament [key arena] on Thursday.

Last minute tickets might be available tomorrow afternoon and their practice tomorrow is open to the public. I should probably try to take advantage of this opportunity. My guess is that tickets will be sparse since Gonzaga is part of this round.


I meant to tell you that you have to try to go to the game since I can't go. Here's hoping they will be playing again on Saturday, when they'll need all the fans they can get since I can't imagine Gonzaga losing in the first round. So yeah, you should definitely try to take advantage of this opportunity!

My friend's dad is scouting for tickets at Key Arena right now, but I don't think that I'll be able to afford the $150 price tag. Stupid Gonzaga -- crushing my dreams!
so much going on in seattle! craziness. did i see that western is also in the tourney this year?
Yeah, they're playing tomorrow in Orlando and I think they have a pretty good chance of advancing to the next round, at least. Western has played awesome all year, especially toward the end of the season, so hopefully they'll have some luck tomorrow night. Oh, and if they win their first game they'll probably play NC State.
that would be cool, if they played each other. last night brian was filling out his brackets or whatever and he didn't think they'd win their first game though . . . he also doesn't think MSU will beat Gonzaga! I told him he was just jealous b/c UM didn't even make it into the tournament this year.
I'm going to the evening session of games tomorrow. I can check with my friend to see if he has an extra ticket.

I misread the website and single tickets for the second session don't go on sale until after 12 on Thursday; so I'll check that out tomorrow. My friend's dad is in town and might also be trying to see what's available on the street too. And there's always television.
We don't have any extras. I'd sell you mine if my friend wouldn't be weirded out by going with a stranger. I hope you find something!
no problem. I completely understand the stranger weirdness.

if nothing turns up in my price range, there's always the FOX Sports Grill (which is horrible, but seems kind of appropriate).
I was thinking of driving to Denver if MSU had been placed there for their first/second round games. And that's six hours away! What kind of rabid alum are you if you didn't even notice they were playing? You would think that with all your tailgating experience, you would at least be aware of the sporting events around you. Perhaps you were too busy double folding prize entries or karaoking to Footloose.
definitely not rabid enough. I blame it on the relative absence of coverage here, but I guess I should put in a little more effort. But the game day price is too rich for my bank account. Perhaps a little sanity is a good thing?
I'm glad you got to go to the game, and even for face value! Sanity definitely seems like it got you in the right place -- you still got to go to the game, but didn't pay $300 a ticket like a rabid fan *cough* me or Rhiannon *cough* might have.

Hopefully your sanity also made the outcome easier to bear.
... helping this "sanity" was my decision to only take $100 out of the ATM, which limited my ability to fall into the sales pitches of enterprising scalpers (is there a politically correct terminology for these people?).
Hmm, scalpers does seem rather anti-PC.

-entertainment wholesalers?
-ticket enhancement specialists?
-mofos who steal your hard earned cash?
lately, they don't seem much worse than Ticketmaster.