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the only earth?

is ironing still dead?

the Spokesman-Review's investigation into George W. Bush's "missing year" has been picked-up by Salon's "War Room" weblog:
Pointing to stringent U.S. regulations known as the Human Reliability Program -- and in place at the time of Bush's spotty service -- the rules were used to weed out pilots who had access to nuclear weapons. Pilots such as Bush. According to the paper, HRP was instituted "to screen military personnel for their mental, physical and emotional fitness before granting them access to nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Under the rules, pilots could be removed immediately from the cockpit for HRP issues." [salon]

What a twist of fate it would be if someone suspended from the national guard over concerns about allowing him to have access to nuclear weapons grew up to have access to one of the world's largest nuclear weapons stockpiles! America really is the land of opportunity!