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I feel like I need to type something every day, so this it.

Instead of eating dinner, I just had cheddar cheese pretzel combos and peanut m&m's. This is not the disturbing part. Here it is: there is going to be a new color of m&m's. I was just getting used to the awful blue ones, occasionally eating them instead of setting them aside and now some ad wizard wants to add pastels to the mix.

I want to know who is clamoring for new colors? Is there some movement afoot to recolorize our chocolates? Are people marching outside the M&M factory clamoring for more diversity in snack foods? Is there some anti-me out there who just can't stand the traditional color scheme?

I'm sorry. I do not care about this. Really.


there should be white m&m's
actually, no, children might mistake medicine for white m%m's


good call. kids love m%m's.

but - if you want particular colors, there is this:

wow... too bad i'm vegan : (


oh yeah, MILK chocolate. sorry.

Re: d'oh

there should be w&w's made with soy milk chocolate. it'd be like some kind of bizarro world.


Thoughts on potlucks? I hate them because it's always the same food (no milk-free M&Ms either).

you are a racist

Josh - what is wrong with new colors? Are you so resistant to change? Why are the blue ones bad? Only because they are blue? Are you judging them merely on their color? Do they not taste the same as the red, brown, yellow, etc? I think you should give some major thought to this.

Re: you are a racist

I have no problem with seasonal M&M's, or specialty mixes.

What I despise is the idea that a new color is both exciting and necessary. It ignores the existing harmonious color scheme in favor of commercial novelty.

What about the forgotten victim, the tan M&M banished to make room for the blue? What color will be the next to go when the pastel invades?

Do we want our M&M's looking like Smarties? I think not.

[ I think the flavor of the blue dye is noticeable in the milk chocolate M&M (formerly Plain). ]


Re: you are a racist

Yeah, I must say I miss those light-brown M&Ms. They were my favorites. :(

Re: you are a racist

thank you.