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the only earth?

election surprise

Not quite *speechless,* but I had to rewind the Morning Edition stream to be sure that I didn't mishear the results of the Spanish election:
Spain's opposition Socialists swept to an upset victory in general elections on Sunday, ousting the center-right party of Prime Minister José María Aznar in a groundswell of voter anger and grief over his handling of terrorist bombings in Madrid last week. [nyt story, analysis]

I hope that we don't need to find out how Americans would react to similar terrorist actions only three days before an election.


Just look at Bush's 9/12 approval ratings

Terrorists are too smart for that! They know an attack on American soil would just get Bush reelected.

Re: Just look at Bush's 9/12 approval ratings

I disagree - I think a second terrorist attack on his watch is entirely different than a first one. It would show that our country's really NOT any more secure because of his presidency, and it would also come at a time when a lot of Americans have an option when turning to national leadership. Plus, people are growing tired of American lives being in danger - after 1.5 years-worth of deaths in Iraq, and a second major act of terrorism, people will just want a change from what has become a long, hard slong... regardless of what that change is.
Also, I do 100% expect another attack before the election, and I expect it to be completely different than anything we've seen.

Re: Just look at Bush's 9/12 approval ratings

that should read, "long, hard schlong"

Terrorists, don't read this!

You're probably right, about both the effects of a 2nd terrorist attack and, unfortunately, about the likelihood of the attack itself. I dread a similar train attack here in the US, our train system is completely unsafe. Imagine what a train filled with explosives could do if it was detonated while it drove under Safeco field during a ballgame!

Re: Terrorists, don't read this!

put a major dent in bud light sales, that's for sure!

Re: Terrorists, don't read this!

no way: that would be letting the terrorists win and americans are stronger than that.

Re: Terrorists, don't read this!

Man, I HOPE the Mariners are still playing in late October!!

Re: Terrorists, don't read this!

I don't know. Our train system is not all that good. It would be a lot more difficult if the evil doers had to rely on synchronizing to a schedule to determine when the train would pass Safeco.

For all of the infringements on civil rights, I agree that there seem to be many systems that remain unsafe. Look at the B.S.E. case to see how flimsy our food inspection processes are. It's nice that the airlines are now protected against finger nail clipper toting grandmothers, but I'm not sure about the hundreds of other avenues.

Re: Just look at Bush's 9/12 approval ratings

Maybe. It might depend on the timing and whether people feel safe enough to "change horses mid-stream." After all, Americans are all about being united in the face of Evil, etc.

I'm completely out of touch though. I don't see how Bush's approval rating is above 50% right now; so I have no idea about predicting the effect of something new and scary on the election.

Re: re-elected?

I thought that the terrorist attacks in Spain might have been intended to get Aznar re-elected (depending on the perceived culprit). That kind of speculation had people saying that the terrorists want Bush to win so that their anti-U.S. message would be better received. I think that it would really depend on the timing.