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all washed up?

It was bound to happen: Google makes the cover of the New York Times Sunday Style Section with this not particularly fascinating article:
It's more like the new kabbalah. With an estimated 200 million searches logged daily, Google, the most popular Internet search engine, "has a near-religious quality in the minds of many users," said Joseph Janes, an associate professor at the University of Washington in Seattle who taught a graduate seminar on Google this semester. "A few years ago, you would have talked to a trusted friend about arthritis or where to send your kids to college or where to go on vacation. Now we turn to Google." [nyt]

Still, I'd be interested in knowing if the graduate seminar dealt with that kabbalistic nature of the Google.

other gems from that section: Joan Rivers (old, but not forgotten! young people love her. special feature: compare and contrast old and new photos, marvel at plastic surgery!), the Hanson brothers ("MMMGood," one has a kid, hosts dinner parties), and Benjamin McKenzie (25-year-old plays 17-year-old, drinks scotch, doesn't crave fame). Awesome.
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