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chair, apartment

these days

I spent the day working on projects from home, occasionally making use of the desk in the little room that I've pretended will become an office, eating foods purchased from grocery stores (endorsement: dried pineapple!), going out for tea (I'm trying an espresso-free week), picking up ingredients for dinner (thinking that home prepared meals aren't necessarily cost-effective), watching reality television, chatting with my neighbor, and listening to William Rehnquest on Charlie Rose.

I guess that's it.


Dried pineapple is one of my favorite food ever. It's like candy, but it's fruit!
and unlike banana chips, they aren't full of saturated fat! it's time for a dried fruit revolution.
Exactly! Plus banana chips always remind me of Mrs. Houston so I try to stay away from them.
I'd forgotten about Mrs. Houston's banana chip fixation.
Home prepared meals are definitely not cost effective for the single folks. There are a lot of start-up costs that can be defrayed across a multi-person home, but for one person you might as well go out to eat. Not to mention the work required in food preparation.

Ahh, how I pine for the days of co-op living and eating!
I guess that's why people talk about surviving on Ramen, etc. Those are cost effective, but not very tasty, healthy, or sustainable.
I've somehow survived most of my life without Ramen and I am trying to maintain a Ramen-free future. It is tempting to get a week's worth of "meals" for only $1.

I wonder which would be the least healthy -- a diet consisting entirely of Ramen noodles or McDonald's? Anyone wanna be a test subject?
I have a feeling that McDonald's is worse, but that might make a good sequel. I'm sure many college students would be willing test subjects if there was potential for fame.
It would probably be a fairly cheap study -- just find students who are already eating Ramen. If you pay them $5 a week they will feel rich. Of course, then you enter all sorts of selection bias into the equation.

Damn it! I'm not supposed to be thinking about things like selection bias out here in the mountains! Out damn internal validity!
first this and now population density! you can't escape it.
Ahhh! Once a graduate student, always a graduate student. Or maybe it's once a math nerd, always a math nerd. I was hoping Durango could cure me, but I can see now there's no hope for this illness of the intelligentsia.