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My big plan for saving money this week is to be a little more of a shut in than usual. Typically, there are multiple television shows that I might watch on Wednesday; so this seemed like a great idea, but tonight there were none. Apparently Fox is showing American Idol all the time now. This is how they treat me after I make a good faith effort to get hooked on the O.C.!

Instead I made use of the generally neglected stack of NetFlix and watched All the Real Girls and found it pretty generally mediocre. I was confused by its generally favorable metascore, thinking that maybe I just don't have the attention span to watch movies at home on my small television, but my opinion of the movie pretty much aligns with my favorite reviewer's review; so all is right with the world.

For other entertainment, I read the Stranger. This I SAW U ad is surely one of this week's best:
My hand down your pants-
you had to go masturbate.
I want to see your trailer this time.

It's practically a haiku -- with a little more attention to syllable count, it could've been a modern masterpiece!
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