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chair, apartment


My big plan for saving money this week is to be a little more of a shut in than usual. Typically, there are multiple television shows that I might watch on Wednesday; so this seemed like a great idea, but tonight there were none. Apparently Fox is showing American Idol all the time now. This is how they treat me after I make a good faith effort to get hooked on the O.C.!

Instead I made use of the generally neglected stack of NetFlix and watched All the Real Girls and found it pretty generally mediocre. I was confused by its generally favorable metascore, thinking that maybe I just don't have the attention span to watch movies at home on my small television, but my opinion of the movie pretty much aligns with my favorite reviewer's review; so all is right with the world.

For other entertainment, I read the Stranger. This I SAW U ad is surely one of this week's best:
My hand down your pants-
you had to go masturbate.
I want to see your trailer this time.

It's practically a haiku -- with a little more attention to syllable count, it could've been a modern masterpiece!


the last line should be
"show me your trailer"
I think a book of poems derived from the personals section, complete with revisions and critical interpretation could be a bestseller.
that sounds like a good idea.
you should do it!!!!
is it just me or does 'trailer' have 2 meanings?
that's the beauty of a good poem -- so many interpretations!
i love the oc but i never get to watch it because i tape west wing and am always down at the saucer. but, i must have missed american idol if it was on at 9pm. shit!
Is the West Wing getting any better? I saw some old episodes today on Bravo that left me missing the Aaaron Sorkin days. I talked to my friend Jeff about the show (he's a big fan), and he tried to convince me that now it's more realistic & therefore better. Still, all of the episodes that I've seen this season have been unnecessarily boring and worse than fictional government reality television.

I can't bring myself to watch it given that there are two other shows at the same time that are actually entertaining (well, Angel is slipping into crap too). Um. I'm a crazy person.
no, it's incredibly boring. i just can't give up west wing to watch oc. i don't know - something about stigma or something:) I think i will start moving to watch the oc b/c west wing is getting worse and worse.


The thing is, I didn't want to get into another Dawson's Creek relationship with the West Wing. I think that I liked the first seasons of D.C. but after feeling compelled to watch it year after year, wishing for characters to die, I just hated it.

I'd rather let West Wing go, so that I will remember the good times.

(not that the first season of D.C. was as good as the first seasons of W.W.)

Re: melodramatic

I was surprised at how easily I was able to stop watching the West Wing. Never a desperate flip back to see what was going on. I guess from the first shows that I did watch I got the feeling these were completely different people, and I didn't want any part of that.

Re: melodramatic

Yeah. If the show wanted to be more realistic, they'd have actual new people. It's crazy to think that some of these characters have been with the administration since the campaign. Of course, that would make it more like e.r.

Re: melodramatic

no, i know what you mean exactly. makes a lot of sense.