josh (joshc) wrote,

department of unspeficied acronymns

apparently Spring arrived in Seattle during the week that I was gone. Walking down to my office today, everything is in bloom -- cherry trees, daffodils, all sorts of plants. And it's light in the morning and past five in the evening. I might need to invest in heavier curtains if I want to maintain my sleeping in lifestyle! With the spring and my delinquent Claritin (er -- Wal-itin, hello life on a budget!) use comes the onset of seasonal allergies. I think that I'll be fine. The sun and scenery are worth the occasional sniffle.

At the pub quiz tonight, there was a round about acronyms. We were stumped by "t.t.b.o.m.k." mostly because I was stuck thinking that the "o.m.k." was like j.e.o.m.k. Also f.o.c.l. does not mean "fuck off cleaning lady."

In other news, I didn't take many pictures on my trip because other people had cameras. For now, five pictures are posted here --> [sfo].
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