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By the time I got around to browsing the Stranger, I noticed that Aveo was having a CD release party tonight [stranger ] that I still had time to catch. I quickly changed into a different shirt and jacket and went to the Crocodile (still wearing glasses, which always feels like wearing a disguise) just in time to catch their set and buy the new album (Battery).

The showroom was moderately full (or very full for a Sunday night) and I liked the new songs. I'm not sure if I like Battery as well as their first album, but I'll listen to it more tomorrow for further evaluation. The band was typically energetic and talented, and their set lasted about an hour. They're always fun to watch, just because William Wilson can seems to have trouble keeping his feet on the ground, and Jeff MacIssac's drumming is so theatrically good.

At this point, I think I would've been disappointed without the traditional "interesting" William Wilson first song hat and random front row drunken interpretive dancer (I kind of hate myself for being annoyed by these people). Both criteria were satisfied, and another crazy girl climbed up onstage to take the setlist and drumsticks, which was kind of weird. All in all, it was a good impulse decision, though it required me to miss the thrilling conclusion of The practice.


i was there to see ester drang & the preons. then my back started to hurt, so i heard aveo's set from out in the cafe area. there's a clear distinction between the old & new material.

my friend & i saw the girl with the drumsticks afterwards. we were amused.
yeah. listening to the album and the show, it seems like they're trying to work through a few potential new directions.
that new guy on the practice...i think his names is james spader?
he is hilarious.

yeah. he's pretty much saved the show.

He always seems to play characters that are slightly off -- did you see him in Secretary?