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chair, apartment

back again

I'm back in Seattle, after being in San Francisco since Tuesday for the American Heart Association meeting.

The lack of livejournal postings or emailing can be attributed to forgetting the AC adaptor for my iBook despite otherwise egregious overpacking. I thought about buying a spare at the Apple store, but I'm glad to have survived almost a week on one charge.

I noticed them last weekend in Canada, but didn't give in to the Cadbury Creme Egg temptation until tonight. And now I've eaten two from the four-pack, which leads me to believe that I should've waited another week. This could get unhealthy, but yay sugar!


Jason bought me two Cadbury Creme Eggs last week, and somehow I have managed to still have one left. It's taken a lot of willpower, as well as a couple of days of forgetting they were in the cupboard. I feel like I need to ration them though as it's been hard to find any around here other than the caramel flavor or the horrendous miniature ones.
My major problem is that once I eat one, I immediately want another.

I'm regretting my abstinence from Cadbury products in Canada. They were selling "Dream" eggs as well as "Creme" and other sorts. I haven't looked too hard for them, but I'm worried that I'll never know the pleasures of this alternate variety.

OMG, I don't know what a Dream egg is, but it sounds wonderful! Although I can't imagine anything could ever be as good as the Creme egg. Man, now I am craving them so much...
a little internet research suggests that the Dream Eggs have white chocolate shells with chocolate creme inside. So, I'd be willing to try it, but I doubt that it will take the place of the Creme variety.
That would be worth trying, but nothing can ever be better than the Creme Egg. It's just not possible. Actually one thing could be better, a giant size Creme Egg. Yum.