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Today, in a front page (advertised with a sort of animated graphic!) essay, whitney pastorek writes about "how blogs are ruining [her] life.</a>"
There was a time when my friends and I got together to chat about our lives, a time when any problem could be resolved in the warm light of our camaraderie and beer. And then my friends became bloggers. These days, I do not even hear about the stupid stuff that's going on—"I got a haircut" or "My apartment burned down"—because the bloggers assume that I have read about it on their blog. Which I have not. And then I wonder why they are not answering their home phone, and immediately assume we are in a fight. [village voice]

This is a way that weblogs are not ruining my life -- mostly because I hate the telephone and many of my friends now live far away. But there is also the fact that I am painfully literal when someone asks me what I'm doing. I always say, nothing. Beacuse in fact when they call or ask, the thing that I'm doing is talking to them. Later I realize that I'm supposed to tell them about getting a haircut or whatever.

That said, it is weird when I actually remember to tell real people these little things and they have already read about it here. Especially when they say, "oh yes, I read all about that. Next." Particularly when those people don't have weblogs, or have weblogs that I don't know about.

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