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highlights from the weekend

the list of things from this weekend that might make it into a post with complete sentences at some point in the future:

[ friday ]
leave seattle after several stops
stop in vancouver for cheap (but good) sushi
drive southbound out of vancouver, realize wrong direction when airplane flies over car
back through vancouver
lost at whistler - two ways to turn left on blackcomb ave
stop for a map
find condo, most everyone asleep
unexpected availability of beds
staged pillow fight photo op.

[ saturday ]
wake up early walk to lifts
beautiful sunny morning
by afternoon, snowboarding through clouds
after lunch, heavy snow, zero visibility
try to head above the clouds (lol!) and scary stopped chairlift for a few minutes
irish pub in the rain at the base
condo to refresh
village dinner at la brasserie in a small room with leopard print booths and crazy decorations including a chandelier with a dimmer
the longhorn playing snowboarding videos and weird selection of music
refuse to pay cover at tommy africa's.
- where the doorman promised: saturday at whistler, the place is guaranteed to be
fucking rocking
by 11.
-(alas no nineteen year olds with glowsticks)
- (unnecessary profanity brought authenticity into question)
tired of bars
early to bed / playing cards in the dark

[ sunday ]
early to rise
maple beaver tail in the village
gorgeous daytime drive through the mountians (sea to sky!)
maple macchiato in vancouver
some walking / shopping
driving through the endless crappy outskirts of the city, foodless
through the border
starving = bellingham denny's
seattle / magnolia / home
skip real oscar parties
oscars w/ carole chris & pagliacci

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