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not good at napping

I had a total work from home day. I actually worked on projects from the comfort of my bed before going to get lunch at Gravity Bar. I had wheatgrass apple carrot ginger juice and it left me desperately wanting to take a nap. I don't think that is the intended effect.

Tonight I went to see Modest Mouse as a volunteer for Music for America. The show was good, but it was hard to get into it being at the back of the room at the voter registration table. Apparently, the show was long and there were several lulls, but I didn't notice. I was half hoping that they'd be selling the new CD tonight. It seems that I'll need to wait until April 6.


I need to finish my poster in the morning so that I can take it to the printer when I'm on campus tomorrow. I only need to write two sentences for it to be complete, but it's taking me an annoying amount of effort to do that.

I also need to pack a bag so that I'm ready to head to Whistler directly after the techfee meeting.

This to-do list probably means that I should really go to sleep now.

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