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today - slept in a little bit, did some homework, and caught up with family gossip. I hadn't talked to my mom in almost a month, so she had a lot of news to unload. fun stuff.

this afternoon went to solstice to work on my project -- my theory was that reducing distractions and increasing tasty beverages would provide a good environment for productivity.

at the next table, some guy spent a really long time detailing his mathematical strategies for romance to this girl. I assume they knew each other, but he totally hijacked her studying with this his manipulative formulae. not that I was eavesdropping or anything, he was just close and loud.

now I'm home. I had some tasty falafel for dinner and now I'm slacking again. I can't resist watching the final episodes of the x-files. I figure that I've stuck with it for this long, I might as well finish.


so you go to the solstice eh?
*gets out her stalking month-old-newspaper to hide behind and pretend to read when she's actually spying on joshc*


finally, a real live stalker! oh, how I've waited for this moment...